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Three Lessons That Can Help You Worry Less.

Don’t Worry. Have Faith.

(Posted July 29, 2022)

We all have something to worry about, but does that do you any good? First Church vice moderator Heidi Palmer, who will lead Sunday’s service, will discuss this and the role faith has in managing your worrisome meanderings. Heidi presents her top three lessons from Zen Buddhist monk Shunmyo Masuno that will help your worry less.

Three Lessons That Can Help You Worry Less


Don’t delude yourself; we will delude ourselves because we are human. Cheer yourself up, say “I believe in my absolute self without compare.”

2. CONCENTRATE ONLY ON THINGS YOU CAN ACHIEVE HERE AND NOW. By doing so, you’ll stop thinking about unnecessary things. Cherish the things that you have always taken for granted. Appreciate the here and now. (Are you detecting a theme here?). This attitude will help you to have gratitude for experiences and what you do have. Again we are reminded THY will be done.

3. CHANGE HOW YOU WORRY ABOUT THINGS AND YOUR LIFE WILL CHANGE FOR THE BETTER. Human desire is boundless. There is no limit to it. Classic manifestation of desire is money. We get something as soon as we want it, we want something else. Live your life thinking, “I have plenty, I am grateful.

And how does faith fit into this? Join us on Sunday at 10 a.m., and she'll tell you.


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