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The Masculine Jesus

The Son of Man redefined ‘masculinity.’

Rev. Dr. Pat Kriss(Posted June 13, 2024)

“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.” -– Ernest Hemingway, author

This Sunday we encounter the masculine version of a Hallmark Holiday: Father’s Day.

What was once a tribute to the man in our lives who hopefully gave us direction and also protected us from harm as we grew up has now turned into a retail festival for buying barbeque and socks.

Unfortunately, some of us have also adopted the concept that a good Father’s Day present is not to make Dad go to church services and to sleep in. But the truth is, that is where we will find that most masculine of men: Jesus of Nazareth. He’s not only known by that name but also by Son of God. And also, we must note: Son of Man.

What Does ‘Son of Man’ Mean?

We can figure out what Son of God means so clearly. But what does it mean to be Son of Man?

In Greek and Aramaic, this phrase was another way of saying that someone was truly human.

Fully human with all its positive attributes and also its not-so-positive flaws. Jesus calls himself

Son of Man so that all of us, male and female, can watch and listen to HOW he manages to be a man striving to be each day superior to the man he was the day before.


While it seems to be changing, culturally for the longest time when we think of “manly men,” we might think of physically strong, emotionally remote men who – yes- protected others, but would not think twice about using weapons or deadly force to do so. The old version of the Manly Man was a factor in his child’s life, but at a distance compared to Mom. He might not be interested in being present for a birth, but he’d pass out cigars afterward.

Redefine ‘Masculinity’

But this century’s Manly Man often breaks the old rules. His masculinity no longer is pegged to viewing women as inferior or treating them poorly. Today’s Manly Man may also be open to gay people in his life, or has even dealt with his own identity. He may not only fulfill the role of Dad, but also as Mom to his children.

The Masculine Christian Man

The Manly Christian Man today realizes there is no contradiction between following Jesus’ example as Son of Man by being compassionate, generous, welcoming to women and men equally, and willing to treat those he who would have be called an enemy as someone with whom he can discuss life.

However, in an era where virtually everything ends up being politicized – and to avoid this kind of thing on Sunday -- we will look at Nate Pyle’s excellent book, Man Enough: How Jesus Redefines Manhood.”  The Jesus we find in the New Testament is a fully human person. The depiction of Jesus we see in the video series The Chosen appeals to us because this is a Jesus we can approach and to whom we want to listen.

This Sunday’s service will be our Father’s Day gift to the men of our church, whether or not they have been fathers themselves. Come for an upbeat hour together – with food!!


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