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Breaking Arrows for Peace for All Creation

How can we find ways to peace?

(Posted August 12, 2015) Rev. Jane Ellingwood will be our guest preacher on August 16 and 23. Both services will use themes about creation, and these themes will be represented in her sermon, the hymns, and the prayers. For the August 16 service, Rev. Ellingwood writes:

"My sermon title for the 16th is "Breaking Arrows for Peace for All Creation."  The scripture readings are a selection of verses from Ps. 104, which is a creation psalm, and Isaiah 11:1-9.  My main themes will be that God loves all creatures, predators and prey, including lions and their prey.  Lions are mentioned many times in the First Testament.  Both Ps. 104: 21-22 and Job 38: 39-41 say that God gives food to lions just as God gives food to all creatures and also to human beings.  Isaiah 11: 6-9 offers a prophetic vision of a time when lions and other animals, and human beings as well, will all live together in peace in a new order of creation. Breaking arrows for peace among people is a tradition for some Native Americans.  How can we extend this concept so that we can find ways to break arrows for peace among creatures and among people, even before God creates a new heaven and a new earth or new creation?"
Join us. Service begins at 9:30 a.m.


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