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Some Warm Cold Weather Thoughts About Silver Lake From Pastor Pat

It’s time to think about Flip Flops and Cannonballs ... Yes. That’s right. I know it’s the dead of winter. But this week’s message holds true, whether your kids are all grown, whether you have grandchildren or neighbors with kids. The fact is that this time of year is when kids and parents start to make decisions about where they will be attending Summer Camp. We need to get the word out about what an incredible experience Silver Lake Camp is for any child. For so many of our First Church kids in past decades, one of the most moving parts of their childhood has been Summer Camp at Silver Lake Conference Center, in beautiful Sharon, Connecticut. It’s a long established camp in one of the most beautiful locations anywhere. And the other beautiful thing is that it’s for ALL kids, regardless of their denomination. The age range is for kids who will be entering grade 4 through 12 by Fall. Perhaps the best way to capture the spirit of what happens at Silver Lake is to hear the kids in their own words, in this short video: I had the opportunity to be there with the campers and their parents this past fall, and again for a conference this past weekend. As the snow fell gently on the pines, we talked. We ate together with a group of confirmands who were up for a weekend conference. And even in the dead of winter, one could feel the unique spirit that dwells there. The kids all get it. There is an amazing warmth, a sense of acceptance and support among all the campers and the staff. As one camper mentions on the video, in other places kids have to change themselves to fit in. At Silver Lake, they get to be themselves. The campers not only come from Connecticut, but from neighboring states, since it’s located very near Massachusetts and New York, as well as all of New England. So whether you have kids at home, or have grandkids and neighbors looking for the kind of summer experience that is life –affirming, keep Silver Lake in mind to share with others. If you or a friend would like to learn more, contact co-directors Tim and Anne Hughes at, or visit the Silver Lake website at


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