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From Pastor Pat: If God is the Source of All Joy...

Even King David himself danced from time to time…
(Posted July 9, 2015) The funny thing is, people who don’t set foot in church very often think of “churchy people” as stodgy, dour folks who never smile, never crack a joke, never enjoy themselves. And that’s where misconceptions are borne – out of lack of contact with the real thing.
If the truth be told, the exact opposite is true. If the presence of God is the source of all joy, then when we seek out to be with God, we’re seeking out joy, not sadness. And that’s really what our services are designed to be –- Joyful -- from music and message to fellowship and food.
This Sunday we need your help to invite some of our local Veterans and their families to come and have some fun with us – and for you to dine with us as well.
Starting with our service at 9:30 a.m. and followed by an after-church cookout from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., we will spend time with some new families and individuals. This will be rain or shine, outside or inside.
We need your help with the following:
  • Bring a salad if your last name begins with A to M;
  • Bring a dessert if your last name begins with N to Z
And bring serving spoons, too!
We also need people to help set up the serving table, and also to take a turn at the grills where the main course will be ribs, chicken, hamburgers and hot dogs. In addition, the following donations are welcome:
  • Beverages
  • Toys and games we will borrow for the kids
Last but not least, anyone who wishes to help with cleanup at the end will earn extra brownie points with God for knowing that “cleanliness is next to Godliness.”
Please RSVP if you can bring a salad or dessert to the Veteran Appreciation Cookout, or help in any way. Call either Pastor Pat or Lisa Estes by Saturday night (July 11) if you can.
With blessings, see you Sunday – Pastor Pat Kriss


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