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Polynesian Mardi Gras Celebration

A glimpse of heaven.

Rev Dr Pat Kriss(Posted February 8, 2024)

This coming Sunday is the last one before Lent begins with Ash Wednesday, on February 14. Of course, it’s also Valentines Day, so on this joyful Sunday, we will do something special. And, in the midst of a cold New England February, I thought we might want to escape, even for an hour or so, to the warm sounds and sights of Polynesia!

A Glimpse of Heaven

This Sunday’s Gospel (Mark 9:2-9) is a glorious reading, when Jesus’ onlookers get a glimpse -- even for only a few moments -- of heaven and the REAL identity of Jesus as the Son of God. So what is better than having a joyful celebration led by some of the people and cultures contained within our own congregation?

A Polynesian Hula: From Heaven to Earth

This Sunday we will be joined by the Dance Group, CT Tiare Polynesian Dance Troupe who perform Polynesian Hula. First Church was so pleased last fall to enjoy a performance in our service of Filipino dance and music. But the Filipino cultural association, FAAWC, has many groups. Working with Matty Bautista, we welcome them back again as CT Tiare Polynesian Dance Troupe. Hula is all about the telling of the stories of the Spirit, in dance and chant.

Where Did the Hula Dance Originate?

Most people are unaware that Hula didn’t originate in Hawaii, but started in the Philippine Islands. The dance spread from there throughout the South Pacific, before becoming synonymous with the Hawaiian Isles.

How the Good News of Spreads

We will also take a look at how the Good News of Jesus spread across the vast area, and took root among the Pacific Islands.

Some of our music will reflect beautiful adaptations of Christian hymns into the Hawaiian language. We hope you will join us for an uplifting time together. As they say in Hilo, “a hui hou….” Until we meet again.


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