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Music for the Joy of the Season

And a special anthem dedicated to the victims of the Sandy Hook massacre.

(Posted December 12, 2015)

I want to thank Pat Moriarty for directing both the community chorus along with our church school children.  The children who sang during the morning service and those who sang at the concert were a real treat to hear and watch! Their costumes were also the result of Pat’s hard work. Our church is so lucky to have such a talented leader.
I must also thank our six-member choir for their wonderful singing of the anthems this past Sunday!  The final chord of “Every Valley” echoed throughout the sanctuary as if a bunch of Angels joined us! I had to let them hold that chord as it was such a moment. Wow!
This Sunday the music will reflect the Joy of this season with the exception of one special anthem dedicated to the victims who died at the Sandy Hook massacre. Although this anthem, which will be sung as the Prelude, was written as a baptismal song, it also has a final verse that ends with “…whatever life may have in store, we place the child into the hands of the Lord.” Ringing of chimes will follow.
I would like to report that the church was filled for the performance of Handel’s Messiah last Friday evening. It was a wonderful evening of solos and choruses. What an honor it was to be part of a tradition that is over two hundred years old. The Danbury Music Centre has been putting on this performance since 1935!     Peace through Christmas songs, Jim Moriarty


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