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Music Ministry: Music That Reflects Two Religions

Music for the first of three Real Theology Sundays

(Posted September 18, 2015)

This Sunday is the first of three theological Sundays. The hymns that Pastor Pat and I chose had to reflect the beliefs of both religions. It was a little difficult but I think we did a good job.  We also tried to pick hymns that are familiar to the congregation.  Ferdy Talan will be providing the music.

This past Sunday the choir sang an anthem by Pepper Choplin whose compositions are written in a variety of genres for churches. He composes sacred anthems in the style of classical, jazz, country, praise and gospel! I had the good fortune of meeting him this past summer at the conference I attended in PA. He is a full time composer, conductor and a humorist. He has over 250 anthems for church and school choir, 16 church cantatas and a book of piano arrangements. Over 100 groups have commissioned him to write original works for them. Last week the choir sang another of his anthems. 

Next Sunday, Doug Hartline and his ensemble will be leading the first Jazz Sunday of the new church year. Ginny Hull Hartline will be the alto soloist. If you haven’t heard this group, make every effort to attend next Sunday the 27th. In October and November his group will be here on the third Sunday of each month.
Peace and comfort through music,
Jim Moriarty


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