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Pentacost: The Birthday of the Church

Courage to become living Christs here and now.

(Posted June 5, 2019)Reverend Pat Kris

Without Pentecost the Christ-event - the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus - remains imprisoned in history as something to remember, think about and reflect on. The Spirit of Jesus comes to dwell within us, so that we can become living Christs here and now. – Henri Nouwen, 20th century

From the time I was a very little kid, the concept of Pentecost Sunday has always intrigued me. Sitting in my home parish as a child, there was a big stained glass window next to where my family always sat. In that picture everyone looked so happy as a beautiful dove descended upon them… and then I noticed that it looked like their hair was on fire. Why was everyone so happy?

Church Services on Sunday

All are welcome to worship with us. Service begins at 10 a.m.

Truly there are few portions of the Bible that fit what we as Christians face today in a world that seems far more cruel than compassionate, than the Pentecost passage. When we meet these apostles, they are alone. Jesus “has left the building.”  The last they saw of him was the bottom of his feet as he ascended into the heavens. They feel alone, orphans in a hostile world. So they prayed, and what they got was their heads and hearts set aflame with the kind of grace they needed to sustain their courage. That’s precisely what we need to receive today —- courage to “become living Christs here and now.”


This Sunday we also honor the people among us who most model the love of Christ: our Church School leadership, and our Choir and Musical leadership. Truly you are the people who let us know we are not orphans, but are loved with your unique gifts that bring us closer to God. Blessings to all of you. - Pastor Pat Kriss 


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