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From Pastor Pat: The Next Two Weeks

A time to greet Jesus at the entry gate of our lives.
(March 26, 2015) Remember to arrive a little early for services this Sunday (March 29). We join with other churches across the street at City Hall Plaza for a communal blessing of the palms at 9:45 a.m. before going to our respective churches to start our services.
Time for Spring to Bust Out! – There’s a reason that there is a lovely element of joy in Palm Sunday Services. Because we’re almost there! We’re almost at Easter. For the moment we can lay aside the looming shadow of Calvary, and simply smell the fresh-cut palms.
Palm Sunday is a time to turn out and greet Jesus at the entry gate of our lives. There’s a reason he comes into our city atop a not-quite grown donkey. This is the transportation of the average person, not the gold encrusted sedan chair of the rich who often entered in splendor through this gate. Jesus has always spoken for the poor and for the normal guy who works hard but doesn’t seem to get anywhere. The Hebrew Bible has told the people that their Messiah will come to them on the back of a donkey, humble like them. And here he is. But the entry road to our hearts is littered with the dust of our sins, so we cover them with the newness of cut palms strewn on the street. Hosanna, Jesus! We think we know who you are, even if we haven’t been exactly faithful to God’s plans. Try not to see the dust, but our uplifted faces, seeking to bask in the hope of the promise you offer. Hosanna!
The Donkey’s Not The Only One! – Our Palm Sunday donkey is one of dozens of animals that feature prominently in the Bible in many different stories. But for THIS Sunday, she will not be the only animal we see. This is Children’s Sunday, 30 of us are going to Beardsley Zoo after services to see the Tropical Pavillion and ride the Carousel. While discount tickets are gone, you can still join us for the trip at the regular rate. Call Mary Ann for details and car pooling information.
We Eat Well at First Church! A week from today, on Maundy Thursday, there will be a “just for fun and fellowship” Pot Luck Supper at 6 p.m. What do you need to do? Not much, since the entrée will be provided. Just call Mary Ann to sign up by Thursday morning, bring yourself and either a dessert or a salad. Come for the fellowship and stay for the very moving Maundy Thursday service that will start right after we’ve eaten dinner.
Good Friday at First Church – We are one of the few churches that opens its doors to the public on Good Friday for private prayer and reflection, from 12 to 3 p.m.. There will be periodic readings of scripture as we sit in companionship with Jesus, representing the final hours of his sacrifice.
Easter Sunday Services and Egg Hunt – We always start Easter Sunday with the dawn, gathering for a brief service at sunrise which this year will be around 6:20 a.m. The location for this Easter’s early service is still being worked out, and we will publish it next week.  And, Jim has been creatively working for weeks on our music for Easter Sunday (see his article below).
The Hunt Starts Right After Services – Our Easter Egg hunt will begin on church property right after the last Alleluia will be sung from the Alleluia Chorus. Even if it’s been a while, come rejoice with us on Easter Sunday, and stay for the fun afterward !
Pastor Pat Kriss


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