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Music: Choir recognition Sunday

Your applause and compliments are heard and appreciated.

(June 11, 2016)

In my position there are so many things for which to be thankful. The choir of course has been wonderful.  As a group their voices have echoed throughout the sanctuary when singing hymns or anthems. Individually they have commanded your attention at times receiving applause in return! This past Sunday Nancy Wildman delivered a new song and received numerous compliments!  They are a true blessing to our church. Please thank them individually after church this Sunday which is choir recognition Sunday. They will conclude their church season next Sunday, June 19. Thank you, choir!
This Sunday the church school children will also be performing. They have been so excited about playing the bells.  I want to thank Pat Moriarty for making this possible. Throughout the year, she has prepared them to sing anthems and now the bells.  Thank you, Patricia!
I am so excited to have some of the finest musicians in this area as soloist this summer. Ferdy Talan, concert pianist, and Levon Ofgang, classical guitarist, will be among them.  There may even be a madrigal group from the Danbury Music Centre of which Heidi Palmer is a member and “…loving it…!” she says. Howard Rovics and Cheryl Hill will be here when I am away, July 31.
Finally, June 26 is Jazz Sunday with Doug Hartline and his ensemble. This is their final Sunday until the fall. Thank you Doug, Ginny and his accompanying musicians.
May music bring you peace and enjoyment,
Jim Moriarty


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