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Light and Darkness on the Easter Journey.

Keep the glowing embers of faith close to your heart.

Rev. Dr. Pat Kriss(Posted March 7, 2024)

“The hour I lost today was the hour I was planning on going to the gym. Darn.” – anonymous

Yes… this coming Sunday is a special one for several reasons:

  • It’s also what’s called “Rose Sunday” because we are more than halfway done with Lent.
  • This Sunday’s Service honors the memory of Henry Johnson, Jr. – beloved brother of Dorothy Johnson. Hank would have turned 100 years old on Monday March 11. We salute him.
  • It’s time to order your Easter plants to grace the church as Good Friday ends – call Rachel at 203-744-6177 to place your order ($15 per plant).

​Last but not least, when you come to church this Sunday, you will find the Light you’ve been missing all along this rainy, gloomy week.

The Light and Darkness on the Easter Journey

The thing about being halfway through Lent, as faithful Christians, is that we see more and more daylight. And yet, we’re spiritually turning toward the darkness of Good Friday with each approaching day. What keeps us going is the promise that Jesus gave us about building again the deteriorating state of our church “in three days.” We believe that “God so loved the world he gave his only begotten Son,” as our Gospel tells us today.

Yet, when we look out at the state of a world where people claiming to be Christians can so easily spout hatred and exclusion and become known for that, we wonder. Does this have anything to do with the humble carpenter who is sent from the very side of God? The Darkness in the world likes to masquerade and gather around the Light, trying to extinguish it by making people think that the type of kindness Jesus showed to the poor, the homeless and the migrant was really “woke weakness.” It really falls to all of us to keep the glowing embers of our faith in Christ held close to our hearts, to help us rebuild what being a Christian really means in 2024.

Come join us this Sunday – on time if you remember the clocks – to find some of that light to take with you.


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