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The Joy We Seek

Celebrate an enduring joy ... even in the darkest times.

(Posted October 7, 2020)Rev Pat Kriss

“Even those fallen leaves dance, on the musical wind cadence.” ― Anoushka Tyagi

As I sit here writing this week’s musings, I wish I could say that it’s really quiet around here. But Spirit our dog and Nessie our cat are hard at work doing their “jobs.” We sit here on the edge of our oak forest, surrounded by autumn leaves drifting down from the trees. To Nessie these drifting leaves are stalk-able prey, and being a cat she sits at the open screen door to the porch, chattering away at them. And Spirit feels she absolutely must protect us from the sky fall, so she woofs every few moments as the leaves skitter across the deck. After all, that’s her job.

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Here’s the thing. Autumn is my favorite season. Now I know that some people find it a depressing reminder of endings. But I find just the opposite. The raucous-colored leaves that suddenly release from their lofty twigs don’t plummet to the earth. They instead take one last waltzing journey, pausing in their dance as they pass our windows. Then they settle onto the forest floor. In this I see not an ending but a beautiful completion, and a hint at the resurrection of next spring. And as we humans age, if we can find the moments of joy in everyday living, we will fill our later decades with a tango with the winds of life.

The focus of this Sunday’s service is that joy we seek, or should be seeking. We share Paul’s letter to the Philippians that centers around the joy he found in the faith and good works of the people there who accepted their role as disciples of Jesus. One would never know when reading this letter that Paul wrote it in prison – not exactly a place one would expect to find joy. Why not join us either in person or on Facebook Live to celebrate an enduring joy that appears in our lives like sparks of light even in the darkest times? See you there.


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