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Mercy/Me: Our Lenten Series of Speakers

(Posted February 5, 2016)

More information about 2019 Lenten and Easter services are available here.

We have planned three services followed by a special speaker during Coffee Hour. Here’s what’s planned:

Mercy as a quality of the giving person

Sunday February 7, we will look at Mercy as a quality of the giving person, who thinks of ways that we can help those who help others now and in the future. Ann Fowler-Cruz will join us after the service to speak on and answer questions about planning for our own financial futures.

Mercy as comforting the afflicted

Sunday March 6, we will explore Mercy as comforting the afflicted, specifically those who suffer from depression and bipolar disorder. When psychotherapist Ann Lord Wennerstrand joins us for Coffee Hour, she will explore the ways we can help those with emotional and mental disorders, especially those who are at risk of suicide.

Mercy as counseling those who doubt

Sunday, April 10, five birds of prey from Horizon Wings, a raptor rehabilitation and education center, will appear in our gymnasium at 12:15 p.m. This program will pursue Mercy as counseling those who doubt the impact we humans have upon the earth and its plant, animal and human inhabitants. I hope to have some furry or feathered visitors with us for the Coffee Hour period.
This series on Mercy is a great time to invite your friends to come to First Church to hear our speakers on any topic of interest. Of course the most important tool in the toolbox is “ME.” Please bring your open heart to these discussions and feel free to ask our participants the questions you may have about how to make our world a more merciful place. -- Pastor Pat Kriss


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