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Rising Artists Perform on Sunday

Jazz piano soloist for our service, classical piano for the afternoon.

(Posted January 30, 2016)

This past summer I had two very different, inspiring musicians at our Sunday services. When most are on vacation or relaxing at their pool or just having a second cup of coffee and unable to get to church, those who were here will recall a pianist that captivated us, and a young classical guitar player who soothed our souls.
Well, this Sunday Ferdy Talan, classical pianist, will be performing here at First Church in a concert beginning at 2 p.m. It will be a little over an hour in length.  Ferdy plans on answering any questions after the concert.
Ferdy began playing at the age of four. He won a competition in Jakarta when he was in his teens. He has performed as a soloist in both his native Jakarta and New York.  He will be playing an interesting variety of selections. May I suggest lunch after our service and then a return to church to support this Rising Artists Concert Series and Maestro Ferdy Talan.
There is another young man who is a part of this concert series. He is from New York City and plays Jazz piano. Because he is a friend of Ferdy, and plans to attend the concert, we will get a chance to hear him this Sunday morning – if the trains are on time. He will be playing both the Prelude and the Postlude.
The choir is also scheduled to sing this Sunday. I have a rehearsal/dinner this Friday night at my house beginning at 4:30. We will rehearse for an hour+ and then have dinner together. If you have been thinking about singing with us please come to the rehearsal. You can contact the church office or me.  Peace and Joy through music,  Jim Moriarty


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