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But What Does It Have to Do with Easter?

Not all Easter traditions came from where you think.

Rev. Dr. Pat Kriss(Posted March 14, 2023)

“I’m becoming so absent-minded in my old age, I can hide Easter eggs on myself.” – Erma Bombeck

Have you ever wondered how your family came to follow Jesus as Christians? I mean, no matter what part of the world we come from, it’s almost always guaranteed to be a long way from Jerusalem. How is it that people in the British Isles, Ireland, Germany, India, the Philippines and the Caribbean eventually came to know the Good News?

Pagan Origins of Easter Symbols

Chances are that some of the family traditions you may have for Lent and Easter didn’t come from where you think. During this Lenten season, we’ve explored where the symbols of the season come from, and on this Jazz Sunday that coincides with St. Patrick’s Day, we’re going to learn some surprising things about how Christianity made its way into Celtic beliefs and culture.

Have you ever had Hot Cross buns for Lent? Did you know that they didn’t start out as Christian delicacies in the British Isles, but were originally baked in honor of one of the Pagan Spring goddesses? And what about that custom of hiding Easter eggs? It didn’t start out the way you might have imagined!

This Sunday’s service with Doug and Ginny Hartline will feature a number of songs and hymns that have their origin in Ireland and Wales. So come and enjoy an escape from the mundane things in your life for an hour, and then enjoy Coffee Hour with us all! --- Pastor Pat Kriss

Easter Bunny Needs Help!

PS—The Easter Bunny texted me and says they need Bunny Helpers to stuff the plastic eggs for our Easter Egg Hunt. So if you will, hop to it and and contact Cathy Pings, Easter Bunny Emeritus, or call Rachel, Executive Bunny Assistant, and let them know you’ll be willing. You can call 203-744-6177 or email at


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