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Does God exist?

If so, does God really care?

Rev Pat Kriss(Posted February 3, 2022)

Amidst all of the stress, anxiety, and uncertainty of this current pandemic age, it’s really not surprising that people are asking these most fundamental questions. When people carry in their hearts an unspoken question of “Why?” they deserve to hear their house of worship acknowledge their concerns.

Where Is God in All This?

Over the past months of talking to congregation members, the discussions have danced on the edge of these thoughts, and recently people asked me if we could delve into the question during worship. This Sunday we will begin touching upon the question of faith in the face of suffering, and ask, “where is God in all of this?”

A topic of this size is too big for one Sunday service, so be assured that we will be discussing the topic at more length in the future. Included in our upcoming discussions will also be the question of healing and miracles which, along with suffering, have been part of the experience of this challenging time.

Blessings, and see you this Sunday online for our Communion service.

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