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From Pastor Pat Kriss: Christmas is Over: Now What?

This Sunday marks the Baptism of Christ; we will renew our connection to the waters of our baptism.

(Posted January 7, 2016)

And, suddenly, Christmas is over. The presents are no longer the surprise they were. The tree has been denuded of ornaments and lights, and unceremoniously hauled away (or packed away) until next year. All that’s left of Christmas are some cards that never got mailed in time, the mystery Tupperware container housing a few holiday treats that has migrated to the back of the refrigerator to be rediscovered in March, and evergreen needles wherever the vacuum didn’t reach. We all know we’ll be finding those needles well into July in nooks and crannies.
Christmas is over. Now what?
Just because Christmas is over, do we have to lose our sense of joy? As a matter of fact, is there any reason why we have to become so disconnected to those past special moments in our spiritual lives that meant something to us? Take Baptism, for instance. It was a special moment for our parents, even though we were probably too little to remember any of it. But that doesn’t mean we can’t remember and rejoice in them as adults.
This Sunday is observed among Christians as marking the Baptism of Christ – that moment when Jesus made the journey to wade into the water by John the Baptist, just like any of his other fellow human beings. For Jesus, however, the skies opened and a voice was heard by all: “You are my Son, the Beloved; with you I am well pleased." Not exactly the kind of thing that happened at our own Christening.
This Sunday is, however a wonderful time to remember our baptism, and to renew our connection to its waters. We will have a basin of water this Sunday where, during the first hymn, we may step forward and rededicate ourselves as children of the one who, like Jesus is well-pleased whenever we remember that we belong to God. We’ll also be connecting this Sunday with the mystery of water – in our lives, in our hopes and tears, and in the universe of which we are a part. See you there.
 Pastor Pat Kriss


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