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Donate to the Ukrainian Relief Fund

(Updated March 10, 2022)

Donate to the Ukrainian Relief Fund

We recommend the Church World Service as the receptor for Ukrainian releif because they work directly with displaced families fleeing the war.

Please Donate Here

You may also send your check to:

P.O. Box 968
Elk Heart, IN  46515
Please write "Ukraine" in the memo

A Prayer for Ukraine Under Invasion

Dear Friends – so many of us have desired to somehow help the people of Ukraine and the people of Russia who are also watching the wheels of war push their way into the lives of innocent people. I am sharing with you as today’s E Tidings the prayer of Reverend Maren Tirabassi, who expresses the same desire as we have to be able to do something to help. Here is her new prayer -– Pastor Pat Kriss

Prayer for Ukraine under invasion

God of plowshares, pruning hooks,
and peace-making,

translate such old archaic words
into hope today in Ukraine
that your promise to shatter
bows and swords, spears and shields,
may mean now
an end of missile strikes
and long-range artillery,
the silencing of Kyiv’s air-raid sirens.
We pray for those who flee the capital
and those who shelter in place
and in fear in Kharkiv to the east.
We pray for troops already exhausted
from their long watching.
We pray for NATO land and air forces,
knowing that means people,
and we pray for Germany and Poland
as they open borders to fleeing refugees.
God, we have studied war for so long,
let it be no more, no more.
Teach us a new peacemaking,
guiding the leaders of nations,
and holding gently in your heart
the many who live and die
because of their decisions,
for we pray in the name of Jesus
who wept for our great needing
of the things that make for peace.


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