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A Sunday of Celebration!

Volunteers are the core of the American spirit.

Rev Pat Kriss(Posted June 26, 2024)

This is truly a weekend of celebration! Not only are we tuning up for Independence Day,

but we are honoring and celebrating the musical voices and talents that set our hearts singing many Sundays during the year.

More than that, we are honoring what lies at the very core of our American spirit: Volunteering itself. And more locally, the way it has transformed our own church.

Volunteers Are the American Spirit

From our own Church Council members, to the choir and Music Minister, to the people who keep the Thrift Shop humming, to the prayer shawl crafters who keep enveloping the hurting with prayers, to everyone who prepares meals and coffee hours, or who keeps our water ministry stocked in the dangerous heat – all of them are a part of that American Spirit.

It is the love and support of everyone who willingly volunteers some of ourselves to First Church. That’s what has kept our community viable for over 328 years – right through the revolutionary days of what would become America. The fact that 13 colonies could pull themselves together into an infant republic against the behemoth of Britain was in and of itself, nothing short of a miracle.

Volunteers Make Miracles Happen

It was the American writer of the South, Thomas Wolfe, who captured the essence of its birth.

He said:

 “America - it is a fabulous country, the only fabulous country; it is the only place where miracles not only happen, but where they happen all the time.”

This Sunday we are honored to honor all of the people who help create the miracles, and to lift our voices to them and in gratitude to God for providing First Church with the miracle of love for one another.

So come to First Church this Sunday morning and celebrate with us, to heal what needs healing and to give a melody to those miracles!


First Congregational Church
164 Deer Hill Ave.
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