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Reassurance from Jesus

When we question Jesus anyway.

Rev. Dr. Jane Ellingwood(Posted August 9, 2023)

By Rev. Dr. Jane Ellingwood

Jesus' disciples thought they were seeing a ghost when they saw Jesus walking on the waters of the sea toward the boat they were in. They probably were already afraid because strong winds and waves had been battering their boat during the night. And now, in the early morning hours, they were terrified to think they were seeing a ghost.

Jesus knew what the disciples were feeling and he immediately tried to assure them with his presence with him. He said to them, “Take heart, it is I; do not be afraid.”

But this is Matthew's version of the story, and he goes on to say that Peter questioned Jesus and asked Jesus to command him to walk on water. This didn't go well, as we will hear on Sunday, and Jesus asked Peter: “You of little faith, why did you doubt?”

Join us on Sunday as we reflect on the ways that Jesus' disciples were seeing who Jesus was and is. They saw that he had special powers with nature and was able to do things they thought only God could do. He didn't leave them but instead returned to them when he saw they needed him. And yet they did doubt or waver in their ability to believe and to understand Who was with them. Isn't this true for us, too, at times, as individuals and in our congregational lives, while we continue to trust in and have faith in Jesus Christ?

Looking forward to being with you on Sunday. -- Pastor Jane Ellingwood


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